Feb 27, 2024  
University Catalog 2023-2024 
University Catalog 2023-2024

Afro Latin American and Caribbean Studies (ALCS) Minor

The Afro Latin and Caribbean Studies (ALCS) minor is a curriculum that focuses on Black Latin Americans, their history, influence, and contributions in numerous intellectual and cultural endeavors. This little known, highly marginalized society of Afro Latin Americans forms virtually one-third of the population of Latin America and has served as the great labor force and cultural contributors to their communities and their countries; yet they are the forgotten, ignored, and isolated peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The ALCS minor is designed in part to counter the lack of awareness and often deliberate neglect of African historical, cultural, artistic, linguistic and economic contributions to both the Western Hemisphere and many of the older European civilizations. The courses listed in the curriculum below include the study of the Diaspora and its multilingual and multicultural manifestations in Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, and the various Creole languages and heritages that evolved as a result of the establishment of communities of color from the beginning of the colonies in the Americas.

In order to fulfill the requirements of the minor, students must take 6 hours of required courses, 6 hours of Languages courses, and 6 hours of interdisciplinary courses.