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University Catalog 2017-2018 
University Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Xavier’s Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences (DSBS) joins five departments into a dynamic and innovative center for the study of people as social beings- their communication, organization, development, identification, and struggles. Coming from Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Mass Communication and Communication Studies, DSBS disciplines employ distinct methods and theories to study the lived, imagined, differentiated, emotional, behavioral, historical, and segmented forms and contexts of human social behavior. Students choosing a DSBS major tend to enjoy working with some combination of people, data, and ideas, and they enjoy learning beyond the confines of books and classrooms.

The Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences contributes to Xavier’s mission through longstanding, shared commitments and approaches to teaching social and behavioral sciences. Despite distinct disciplinary approaches, several core values are shared: commitment to social justice, student success, community engagement, and hands-on learning. With small classes, flexible majors, and a multitude of classroom formats, students are trained in intimate, hands-on settings that open the world and leave the traditional classroom behind.

The Division’s abiding commitments to social justice, student success, community engagement, and hands-on learning are the foundation for Xavier’s tradition of excellence in social and behavioral research and instruction. All twenty full-time faculty members hold doctorate degrees, and collectively, they hold five Norman C. Francis Faculty Excellence Awards, and seven endowed professorships. They have authored dozens of books and scores of articles. They compete successfully for grants from major scientific communities such as NSF and NIH. They hold leadership positions in professional organizations and serve as advisors to social service and civic agencies in New Orleans. The departments also send inordinate numbers of students into graduate and professional school each year. DSBS alumni are elected leaders, local TV personalities, professors, lawyers, psychologists, teachers, social workers, and civic leaders. Learn more about the people who make up DSBS at

Degree options are listed below. Within these programs, students have varied interests and intended career paths such as: law, public health, counseling, social work, broadcasting and reporting, criminal justice, clinical psychology, public relations, public administration, environmental protection, business, education, public policy, health care, human resources, labor organizing, community development, public opinion research, international development, diplomacy, marketing, or urban and regional planning (to name a few).

B.A. in Communication Studies 
B.A. in Mass Communication - Broadcast Concentration 
B.A. in Mass Communication -Strategic Communication/ Public Relations Concentration 
B.S. in Neuroscience 
B.A. in Political Science - Accelerated Pre-Law Program 
B.A. in Political Science - Accelerated Public Affairs Program 
B.A. in Political Science  
B.S. in Premedical Psychology 
B.S. in Psychological Science 
B.A. in Sociology 
B.A. in Sociology - Accelerated Sociology of Public Service Program 
B.A. in Sociology - Crime & Social Justice Concentration 
B.A. in Sociology - Health, Medicine & Society Concentration