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University Catalog 2023-2024 
University Catalog 2023-2024

Department of Chemistry

Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

NCF Science Annex 333 - (504) 520-5082 - https://www.xula.edu/department/department-of-chemistry.html

The study of chemistry, the science of matter and the changes it undergoes, is central to any understanding of the universe in which we live. A major in chemistry combined with the Core Curriculum provides a superb liberal and professional education.

The Department offers eight degree programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. These are the Chemistry A.C.S. Certified Program, the Biochemistry Program, the Chemistry Pre-Professional Program, the Chemistry Pre-Pharmacy Program, the Dual Degree Chemistry/Pharmacy Program, the Chemistry Program, the Dual Degree Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Program, and the Chemistry Education Program. All of these programs provide the basic grounding in the major areas of chemistry necessary for an overall understanding of the subject: analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, and physical. Additional advanced courses and courses in related subjects such as mathematics, physics, and biology are required as needed for the student’s desired specialty.

The Chemistry A.C.S. Certified Program is approved by the American Chemical Society. With its required minor in mathematics, students are prepared for graduate studies in chemistry and for careers as professional chemists.

The Biochemistry Program prepares students for graduate study and professional careers in this exciting area of chemistry that controls biological processes and molecular medicine. This program is a great option for pre-medical students as it provides all the medical school prerequisite course work and prepares the students for success in medical studies. Students declaring a major in biochemistry should work with their advisors to choose a minor that will best prepare them for the career or graduate/professional school of their choice.

The objective of the Chemistry Pre-Professional Program is to prepare students for success in medical, dental, and related health professional schools. The courses in the major and its required biology minor have been selected to give the graduates of this program the greatest chance of success in their chosen professional field.

The Chemistry Pre-Pharmacy Program is designed to prepare students for success in pharmacy school. Students wishing to pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree through Xavier’s College of Pharmacy must complete 57 credit hours of the Chemistry Pre-Pharmacy curriculum, as specified, prior to being admitted to the Pharm.D. Program. Students interested in pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at another institution are also advised to follow the Chemistry Pre-Pharmacy curriculum while at Xavier. For those students following this course of study who may opt not to pursue an advanced degree in pharmacy, the four-year curriculum provides preparation for other careers or advanced study requiring significant background in chemistry. Students choosing to complete the full four-year program should work closely with their academic advisor in choosing elective courses.

The Dual Degree Chemistry/Pharmacy track will allow students admitted to the College of Pharmacy to complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Science Degree in chemistry through completion of specific P1 year courses. 

The Chemistry Program is more flexible; it does not require that the student specifies a minor in a specific area. Rather, students must choose their own minor, which must include at least 18 semester hours. The student also must follow the requirements of the University and the Department in which he/she wishes to minor. This program also allows for more free electives than other chemistry programs. This program is designed to allow a student the option to design a program to fit career and life goals that combine chemistry with other subjects. It is especially relevant for students with nontraditional goals and those transferring from another major who have already accumulated significant hours in another field. It is important for students following the Chemistry Program to plan their course of study in close consultation with their academic advisors.

The Dual Degree Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Program allows students to earn both a B.S. in chemistry from Xavier and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from an engineering school in five years. Students follow a modified chemistry program for three years at Xavier, and then transfer to an engineering school to complete the last two years.

The Department offers a program in Chemistry Education jointly with the Division of Education and Counseling. The objective of this program is to provide students with the proper combination of chemistry and education courses to prepare them to teach chemistry at the 6-12 grade levels.

In all of its courses of study, the goal of the Chemistry Department is to provide its students with knowledge of basic ideas in the field, so that they may be able to provide explanations, interpret data, and solve problems by applying these concepts. The Department also provides practice in the use of the tools of research and the scientific method in chemistry, so that students can explore and organize topics, solve problems and perform investigations, and present their findings using acceptable scientific formats.

Requirements for All Students Taking Chemistry Courses - To register for any chemistry course, a grade of “C” or better is required in all of the chemistry prerequisite courses. Students will not be allowed to repeat a chemistry course more than once without the approval of the Department Head. A student may take only one course for a third time, and no course may be taken more than three times.

Requirements for All Chemistry Majors - The Department requires a grade of “C” or better in each chemistry course required for a degree with a major in chemistry. Also, majors are required to complete a capstone experience as part of a senior comprehensive exam during their senior year. At least 18 hours of chemistry credits must be earned at Xavier.

Admitting Students Changing Majors/Readmitted Students - A student having a cumulative and chemistry GPA of 2.75 or above will be admitted into the Department by the Department Head. A student having a cumulative or chemistry GPA of 2.0 or below will not be considered for admission into the Department. Any students with GPAs not in the categories listed above will have their records reviewed by the Department’s Academic Advising Committee. Admission into the Department for these students will require a majority vote of the Committee.

Double Concentration Including Chemistry - Students choosing a double concentration in Chemistry and another discipline must complete 12 hours of Chemistry courses including CHEM 1010/1010D , CHEM 1011L , CHEM 1020/1020D CHEM 1021L , CHEM 2210/2210D , and CHEM 2230L . The CHEM 1110/1110D /CHEM 1111L  and CHEM 1120/1120D /CHEM 1121L  sequence may be substituted for CHEM 1010/1010D /CHEM 1011L  and CHEM 1020/1020D /CHEM 1021L .  An additional 12 hours is required in the second discipline associated with the double concentration.  Students are advised to check on the requirements for a double concentration in the second department.

Honors in Chemistry - Students majoring in chemistry qualify for the distinction “Honors in Chemistry” by completing their course of study with a 3.5 overall cumulative average and a 3.5 cumulative average in chemistry. Students minoring in chemistry must have a 3.5 overall average and a 3.7 average in their chemistry courses to earn this distinction. At least 18 hours of chemistry must have been earned at Xavier.


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