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University Catalog 2016-2017 
University Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Professional Writing Minor

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The Department of English also offers a Professional Writing minor. A grade of “B” or better in ENGL 1000 /ENGL 1010  and ENGL 1020 /ENGL 1023H  will be required of students who are completing the program as their academic minor. The minor in Professional Writing consists of Professional Writing courses and courses in English, Creative Writing, and Mass Communication.

Required Courses

  • TWO workshop seminars that, while different in focus, emphasize clear prose writing for a general audience (PRWT 2000  and PRWT 2070 /CRWT 2070 );
  • ONE class on grammar (PRWT 2200 /ENGL 2200 );
  • ONE class on technical writing (PRWT 3155 ); and
  • ONE of the following six choices, adding up to an additional 6 hours;

               1. two sections of On-campus Writing Apprenticeship (PRWT 4000 ) ; or

               2. two sections of Off-campus Writing Apprenticeship (PRWT 4001 ); or

               3. PRWT 4000  and PRWT 4001  (one section each); or

               4. MSCM 2222  and MSCM 2500 ; or

               5. MSCM 2222  and one 3-hour writing course (such as Science Writing or Advanced Composition; course must be approved by program director); or

               6. one 3 hour writing course and one section of Writing Apprenticeship (course must be approved by program director).

Total Hours: 18

No grade lower than a “C” may be applied to the minor.

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