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University Catalog 2014-2016 
University Catalog 2014-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics, B.S.

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

First Semester

Semester Hours: 15

Second Semester

Semester Hours: 17

Senior Year

First Semester

Semester Hours: 17

Semester Hours: 17


*These hours are to be used by the student to help fulfill the requirement for a minor or a double concentration. For some choices of a minor, like computer science or statistics, only 15 of these 18 hours will be needed since 3 hours are already listed as a requirement. In such a case, the other 3 hours will be free electives. Similarly, a double concentration, for example in computer science and statistics, will require only 18 hours (9 from computer science and 9 from statistics).

**Mathematics elective must be mathematics or statistics course(s) at the 2000-level or above with the exception of MATH 4001 , MATH 4002 , MATH 2150L /STAT 2150L  and MATH 2160L . Statistics courses used as part of a minor in statistics may not also be used as mathematics elective.

Summary: Program in Mathematics

Fundamental Core: 18

English Composition (6, ENGL 1000 /ENGL 1010 , ENGL 1020 ), Mathematics (3 of 4, MATH 1070 ), Natural Science (3), World Language (6)

Essential Core: 36

Freshman Seminar (2), African American and Diaspora Studies (3), Communication (3), Fine Arts (3), History (3), Natural Science (3 of 4, MATH 1070 ), Philosophy (6, including PHIL 2040 ), Physical Education (1, activity course), Social Science (3), Theology (6), World Literature (3, ENGL 2010 )

Expansive Core: 6

STAT 2010  and non-science elective

Minor: 18

Free Electives: 11

Total Hours: 128

*STAT 2010  may be used to partially fulfill the Expansive Core requirement for students whose minor or concentration is not statistics.