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University Catalog 2016-2017 
University Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Political Science

Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences

XU South 565 - (504) 520-5071 - http://www.xula.edu/political-science/index.html

The Political Science program is designed for students who aspire to active leadership roles in promoting a more just and humane global society. Completing the political science major will: 1) increase student competence in the understanding of the principles of government and political thought; 2) develop student awareness and understanding of global political and economic issues; 3) enhance student skills in statistical research and quantitative analysis; 4) maximize student abilities to read critically, speak effectively, write clearly and think analytically; and, 5) facilitate student abilities to apply moral and ethical analysis to political issues.

The Political Science program is designed to prepare students for a variety of career opportunities in the local, national, and global political arena. The educational outcomes and career orientations students can expect to pursue are: 1) graduate study in political science, public administration, political economy, international and public affairs, urban planning, or other social science sub-fields; 2) professional study in law, mass communication, social work, management, or other public service; 3) employment with government or non-profit organizations; 4) foreign service; 5) partisan political activity; 6) classroom teaching and educational administration; and 7) grassroots organization within the African American community.

Students are exposed to a variety of activities including seminars, guest speakers, field trips, internships, and conference presentations as well as social and professional club activities. Besides meeting the required credit hours for the major, minor, core curriculum, and free electives, students must pass a comprehensive examination. In order for a departmental offering to be counted for credit in the major or minor, a student must earn a grade of “C” or better.

Requirements for the major in Political Science include 39 hours of Political Science courses. Of these, the following courses are required: PSCI 1010 , PSCI 1020 , PSCI 2010 , PSCI 2040 , PSCI 2050 , PSCI 2511 , PSCI 3010 , PSCI 3250 , and PSCI 4100 . Only three of the 39 hours may be taken as elective hours in independent study courses and internships (i.e.  PSCI 4913 , PSCI 4953 PSCI 4963 ).

Majors and minors have the flexibility to acquire concentrations in the following areas:


PSCI 2050 , PSCI 2120 PSCI 3100 , PSCI 3360 PSCI 3460  and PSCI 4953  


PSCI 2040 , PSCI 3010 , PSCI 3240 PSCI 4100 , PSCI 4640 , and PSCI 4953  


PSCI 2060 , PSCI 2100 , PSCI 2120 , PSCI 3100 , PSCI 3110 , PSCI 3133  and PSCI 4963  


PSCI 2440 , PSCI 3360 , PSCI 3400 , and PSCI 4953 


    Bachelor of ArtsNon-degree