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University Catalog 2016-2017 
University Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

The Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MAPS) is the largest division on campus and consists of the Departments of Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and the Dual Degree Engineering Program. The Division plays an instrumental role in the education of Xavier students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines, which are the focus of numerous government initiatives in higher education. Currently, the Division has approximately 700 students, 53 faculty members, and 26 administrative and research staff. All departments in the Division are located in the Norman C. Francis (NCF) Science Building putting them in close proximity and providing more inter- and intra-departmental opportunities for collaboration in research and instruction.

MAPS is fully committed to the University’s mission. The faculty members in the Division are research active and secure millions of dollars per year in external research funding, providing students with many opportunities for hands-on training. The departments are also very active in community service and service learning projects.

The Division believes that success in college is greatly facilitated by a strong support system and provides students with a system that is second to none. Every student in MAPS has a faculty advisor who closely monitors the student’s academic performance and progress. In addition, free tutoring, course review sessions, and test review sessions for freshman- and sophmore-level chemistry, mathematics, and physics courses are offered through the Student Academic Success Office. MAPS is proud of its quality of instruction, faculty-student interaction, undergraduate research, equipment and instrumentation, and the accomplishments of our students and faculty.

B.A. in Physics 
B.A. in Physics with Dual Degree Civil Engineering 
B.A. in Physics with Dual Degree Electrical Engineering 
B.A. in Physics with Dual Degree Environmental Engineering 
B.A. in Physics with Dual Degree Mechanical Engineering 
B.S. in Biochemistry 
B.S. in Chemistry 
B.S. in Chemistry (American Chemical Society certified) 
B.S. in Chemistry Education 
B.S. in Chemistry Prepharmacy 
B.S. in Chemistry Preprofessional 
B.S. in Chemistry with Dual Degree Chemical Engineering 
B.S. in Computer Information Systems 
B.S. in Computer Science 
B.S. in Computer Science with Dual Degree in Computer Engineering 
B.S. in Mathematics 
B.S. in Mathematics Education 
B.S. in Physics  
B.S. in Statistics