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University Catalog 2014-2016 
University Catalog 2014-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of English

Division of Fine Arts and Humanities

Admin Annex 204 - (504) 520-5158 - http://www.xula.edu/english/

English majors learn to reason effectively and to communicate well, both orally and in writing. Under the English curriculum students are well prepared to pursue careers in education, law, government service, technical writing, journalism, public relations, business, and the corporate world. The graduating English major may enter a masters or Ph.D. program in English, Comparative Literature, African American and Diaspora Studies, Women’s Studies, Cultural Studies, Diaspora Studies, creative writing, technical writing, linguistics, or in any of the humanities. Many of Xavier’s English graduates have entered law or graduate school programs.

Students electing English as a major must earn 39 semester hours of English, exclusive of English: ENGL 1000 /ENGL 1010 -ENGL 1020  and ENGL 2010 . (See course requirements below.) Majors are required to pass a senior comprehensive examination, and must attend all departmental meetings. In order for an English course to be counted for degree credit in English and in English/English Education, a student must earn a “C” or better.

All English courses reinforce the goals of the core curriculum and are writing-intensive as defined by the Academic Council of the College of Arts and Sciences. The following courses are required for the B.A. in English: ENGL 1010 /ENGL 1000 -ENGL 1020   (or ENGL 1023H ), ENGL 2010  (or ENGL 2011H ), ENGL 2070 , ENGL 2080 , ENGL 3160 , ENGL 3170 , ENGL 3400 , one African American literature course (ENGL 3185 , ENGL 3280 , or ENGL 3290 ), one world literature course beyond ENGL 2010  (ENGL 2020 , ENGL 3175 , or ENGL 3275 ), one English literature course pre-1800 (ENGL 3010 , ENGL 3021 , or ENGL 3070 ), one English literature course post-1800 (ENGL 3210 , ENGL 3221 , or ENGL 3270 ), one advanced language/composition course (ENGL 2200 , ENGL 3135 , or ENGL 3150 ), one English elective, and two 4000-level English seminars.

Honors in English - ENGL 1023H  and ENGL 2011H  satisfy the core curriculum requirements in English composition, introduction to literature, and world literature (the equivalent of ENGL 1010 , ENGL 1020 , and ENGL 2010 ). Upon receiving a grade of “C” or better in the Freshman Honors English Sequence (ENGL 1023H  and ENGL 2011H ), the student will receive 3 semester hours of credit for ENGL 1010 . ENGL 1020  and ENGL 2010  cannot be substituted for the Freshman Honors English Sequence; if the student elects to take either of those, he/she forfeits his/her placement in the Honors sequence.

Students may receive Honors in English in four different ways.

  1. For initial placement in the Honors in English program, students must meet criteria that include ACT or SAT scores and high school transcript. The English Department determines final placement. To receive an honors distinction in English, students so chosen must take ENGL 1023H , ENGL 2011H , and an additional 3 semester hours at 3000 or 4000 level English course of their choice and receive a cumulative average of 3.0 or higher for all three courses (or their equivalent).
  2. Students with Advanced Placement credit may take the sequence with ENGL 2011H  and one more English course at the 3000 or 4000 level. A cumulative average of 3.0 or higher in these two courses will earn them Honors in English.
  3. A student who earns an “A” in ENGL 1010  may also qualify for the honors sequence. A student with credit in other than AP programs should consult the English department head for honors consideration.
  4. Students need not be placed in the Freshman English Honors Sequence outlined above to qualify for “Honors in English.” Students majoring or minoring in English may also earn the honors distinction by completing their courses of study with a 3.5 cumulative average in English. At least eighteen semester hours of English must be earned at Xavier.

Students may use the AP or CLEP examinations as equivalencies for ENGL 1010  or ENGL 1020 . Students must have taken the essay portion of the exam as well as the objective portion and must meet with the department head for advising no later than the last day of registration to determine from which course(s) they may be exempt.


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