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University Catalog 2019-2020 
University Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Neuroscience, B.S.

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For more information regarding the Core Curriculum, including a list of courses that satisfy Core Curriculum requirements, click here:  The Core Curriculum .

Required Courses

All Neuroscience majors will be required to complete a total of 27 hours of courses across the disciplines of the field (Psychology, Biology, Chemistry). There are 12 hours of required courses for all majors, including

Neuroscience/Psychology Electives

Majors are also required to take 9 hours of elective Neuroscience specific courses. Students must take 2 courses from List 1 (PSYC and/or PSYC/NSCI with at least 1 course at or above the 4000-level) and 1 course from List 2 (Biology or Chemistry). These courses include:

Quantitative Courses

Students must take 6 hours of Quantitative courses by completing any two of the following courses:


+Courses marked (PM) are required for students wishing to fulfill pre-medical requirements for professional health programs

Special Pre-medicine Note: Both General Physics I, plus Lab (PHYS 2010 /PHYS 2010L ) and General Physics II, plus Lab (PHYS 2020 /PHYS 2020L ) are required for admittance to medical school.

All Neuroscience majors will need to successfully complete a neuroscience research project, including a relevant literature review, before graduation (NSCI 4999 ). The research project will incorporate both a written paper and an oral presentation, both to be rated by a Psychology Department rubric.

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Total Hours: 16

Second Semester

Total Hours: 16

Junior Year

Total Hours: 14

Second Semester

Total Hours: 15

Senior Year

First Semester

Total Hours: 16

Second Semester

  • Free Elective (9)
  • Creative Expression and Engagement (3)


Total Hours: 12

Summary: Program in Neuroscience

Foundations: 14

Explorations: 18

  • African American Heritage and Legacies (3)
  • Creative Expression and Engagement (3)
  • Examined Life (3)
  • Faith and Society (3)
  • Human Behavior (0, PSYC 1010  (counted in major))
  • Human Past (3)
  • Scientific Reasoning (3, BIOL 1230 )

Free Electives: 34

Total Hours: 120

+ Organic Chemistry II w/ lab (CHEM 2220/2220D /CHEM 2240L ) is a pre-requisite for Biochemistry (CHEM 3130 )

# Pre-requisite for both MATH 2550  and MATH 3010  is MATH 1070  

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