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University Catalog 2018-2019 
University Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics, B.S.

For a list of courses that satisfy core curriculum requirements, click here:  The Core Curriculum .

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Semester Hours: 16

Semester Hours: 15

Junior Year

First Semester

Semester Hours: 14

Semester Hours: 17

Senior Year

Semester Hours: 12

Second Semester

Semester Hours: 16


* These hours are to be used by the student to help fulfill the requirement for a minor or a double concentration.  For some choices of a minor, like statistics, only 15 of these hours will be needed since 3 hours are already listed as a requirement.  In such a case, the other 3 hours will be mathematics electives.

**A mathematics elective must be a mathematics or statistics course at the 2000-level or above with the exception of MATH 2015 , MATH 2025 , MATH 2150L /STAT 2150L , MATH 2160L , MATH 2510 /PHYS 2510 , MATH 3010 /MATH 3010D /STAT 3010 /STAT 3010D , MATH 4001 , MATH 4002 .  A statistics course used as part of a minor in statistics may not also be used as a mathematics elective.

Summary: Program in Mathematics

Total Hours: 120

* Some hours are counted in the Core.