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University Catalog 2018-2019 
University Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English/English Education (Grades 6-12), B.A.

English/English Education offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in two programs: a full English major degree in preparation for graduate school in English and the humanities and an Education degree leading to certification to teach English Education  grades 6-12. English/English Education majors should note that certification requirements are established by the Louisiana Department of Education and are subject to change. Students should consult their advisors each semester. Education majors  should consult the Division of Education and Counseling section in this catalog for requirements to be formally admitted into Xavier’s Teacher Education Program.

Freshman Year

First Semester

Semester Hours: 16

Semester Hours: 15

Junior Year

All majors must have passed all parts of Praxis I and should have been accepted into the Teacher Education Program before taking junior-level education courses.

Senior Year

Semester Hours: 15

Second Semester

Semester Hours: 15

Summary: Program in English/English Education (Grades 6-12)

Foundations: 13

Explorations: 21

  • African American Heritage and Legacies (3)
  • Creative Expression and Engagement (3)
  • Examined Life (3)
  • Faith and Society (3)
  • Human Behavior (3)
  • Human Past (3)
  • Scientific Reasoning (3)

Free Elective: 3

Total Hours: 121

*Teacher certification standards require 3 hours in BIOL, CHEM, IPSC, or PHYS, in addition to the other courses listed above.

***EDUC 1000  is a prerequisite for all Education courses.