University Catalog 2014-2016 
    Dec 05, 2019  
University Catalog 2014-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry (Preprofessional) Accelerated 3 + 1 Program, B.S.

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This program may be followed by qualified students who would like to seek admission into a professional school at the end of their junior year. These students may substitute equivalent courses from their professional school for those required in the senior year at Xavier and be eligible to receive the B.S. degree from Xavier at the end of four years.

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year


  • Expansive Core 6
  • Free Electives 3
  • Social Science Essential Core 3

Semester Hours: 12

Junior Year

First Semester

Semester Hours: 17

Second Semester

Semester Hours: 16-17

Credits Accepted from Professional School:

Advanced Biology 8
Biochemistry 7
Total 15


1 Capstone course can be selected from the following: CHEM 4320L - Molecular Structure and Organic Synthesis Laboratory , CHEM 4310L - Synthesis Laboratory , and CHEM 4080 /CHEM 4083  sequence (Undergraduate Research, 0/3, requires permission of the Department Head).

2 The choice of biology electives must conform to the following two guidelines:

  1. Total biology hours must be at least 22, including General Biology I-II.
  2. All four advanced biology electives must come from groups A and B below. At least one course must be taken from each of the two groups.

Group A: BIOL 3350 - Anatomy and Physiology /BIOL 3350L - Anatomy and Physiology ; BIOL 3162 - Introduction to Embryology /BIOL 3162L - Introduction to Embryology , BIOL 4111 - Histology /BIOL 4111L - Histology ; BIOL 4091 - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy /BIOL 4091L - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy .

Group B: BIOL 2010 - General Microbiology /BIOL 2010L - General Microbiology , BIOL 3070 - Immunology /BIOL 3070L - Immunology , BIOL 3091 - Cell Biology /BIOL 3091L - Cell Biology , BIOL 3110 - Genetics /BIOL 3110L - Genetics , BIOL 4240 (Microbial Physiology) BIOL 4250 - Molecular Genetics /BIOL 4250L - Molecular Genetics .

3 PHIL 2400  is recommended for students planning a career in the health professions.

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